Tiger Men by Judy Nunn

Tiger Men by Judy Nunn
English | 2011 | Fiction/Classics | ePUB | Series: N/A | 1.0 MB

Judy Nunn’s Tiger Men is the dramatic tale of three families who lived through Tasmania’s golden era and witnessed the birth of the Commonwealth of Australia and the horrors of World War I.
Tasmania, or Van Diemen’s Land as it was once called, was an island of stark contrasts; a harsh penal colony, an English idyll for its landed gentry, and an island so rich in natural resources it was a profiteer’s paradise.
Tiger Men is the story of three Tasmanian settlers: Silas Stanford, a wealthy Englishman; Mick O’Callaghan, an Irishman on the run; and Jefferson Powell, an idealistic American.
A former actress and TV presenter, Judy Nunn is the bestselling Aussie author of Pacific, Floodtide and Maralinga.

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