August Falling by Les Zig

August Falling by Les Zig
English | 2018 | Fiction/Classics | ePUB | Series: N/A | 1.6 MB

Can the stories he tells himself pull him back from the edge?
After a bad relationship, August is trying to piece his life back together. It’s not perfect – his flat is small, he works in a call centre, he can’t finish the book he’s working on, and he’s hopelessly awkward when it comes to relationships. Then August meets Julie.
Julie is everything he isn’t – confident, composed, and purposeful, despite her troubled childhood. With her, August finally begins to feel he can be himself. More importantly, he starts to see a future. But Julie has a past – a past that August comes face to face with on a computer screen. Can August find it in himself to love Julie unconditionally, the way he’s always longed to be loved himself?

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