Fallen Steel by Justin Bell and Mike Kraus

Fallen Steel (The Heaven’s Fist 2) by Justin Bell and Mike Kraus

English | 2018 | Sci-Fi/Fantasy | ePUB/MOBI/PDF/AZW3 | Series: The Heaven’s Fist 2 | 1.2 MB


Major cities lie in ruin and the world inches closer to the edge. Meanwhile, when one mother fears for the safety of her two children, what will she do to save them?

Heaven’s Fist is a near-future, what-if tale of a frightening apocalyptic future told through a gripping, roller coaster lens.

Following a cataclysmic event that destroys the network of satellites in orbit around the earth and activates dozens of orbital kinetic bombardment weapons, cities across the globe are reduced to rubble and the status quo is changed as governments fall and millions die all in the blink of an eye.

At 40,000 words or more per book, Heaven’s Fist is a bi-weekly series. A new book in Heaven’s Fist will be released every two weeks for a 6-month period, covering the period immediately before, during and after a devastating apocalyptic event sweeps across the world. This series asks a simple question: If the worst were to happen, would you be able to survive?

Written as a collaboration between Justin Bell and Mike Kraus, this post-apocalyptic thriller is a gripping ride that takes a unique look at the post-apoc genre and will leave you breathless with every turn of the page.

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