THE SYSTEM X: From the depths the ghosts of the remote past will emerge by Boris Mosso

THE SYSTEM X: From the depths the ghosts of the remote past will emerge (The Elements) by Boris Mosso

English | 2018 | Sci-Fi/Fantasy | ePUB/PDF | Series: The Elements | 1.1 MB


System X is the continuation of the saga bearing The Elementals name. Which will lead us to visit hostile and dangerous worlds in different galactic eras, in pursuit of essential knowledge lost at the dawn of the world’s creation. To do so, several different species’ generations will sacrifice everything in the tireless search for the vital answers, which would jeopardize the unavoidable civilizations’ disappearance at the end of sidereal times. When all light and heat have extinguished in space

System X
In The Elementals saga’s first part called, The Endless Dark Ocean, a group of crew members and passengers crossed the unfathomable space which separates the Astral Galaxy from the Lumina Galaxy in search of a mysterious and ancestral object which eventually could save the Astral Galaxy from its complete destruction.
Now, in book two called System X, the troubled travelers will be faced with a crude and devastating reality which could hopelessly destroy the possibilities of fulfilling with their purpose. Meanwhile, the Espacian fleet’s fate, in the pivotal battle fought in the Vintar Constellation at the same time of their departure to the Lumina Galaxy, still remains unknown.
Thus, at a tremendous two million and a half light years’ distance from their home and unaware of whether there was still hopes to save their galaxy from the bloody and massive invasion, the travelers must resource to their upmost efforts to survive inside the mysterious solar System X, where they will find hidden times immemorial secrets in. These revelations will have unexpected aftermaths in search of the object and in the expedition’s members spirits.

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