13 Days of Girls Camp by Robbin J. Peterson

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13 Days of Girls Camp by Robbin J. Peterson
English | 2020| Romance| ePUB | 1.2 MB

She’s stuck repeating Friday the 13th.

He’s the blind-date she can’t escape.

Amber Doria hasn’t forgiven her sister Kate for marrying her boyfriend—or for being her prettier, bossy older sister. Now, pregnant-and-content Kate has apparently made it her life mission to get Amber married, and she has her sights set on Jason Weston. When the blind date falls through, Amber thinks she’s in the clear. Unfortunately, Kate has other plans. Amber is enlisted as a last-minute nurse at church girls camp in Pontoosuc, Illinois, with Kate in charge. Endurance is Amber’s new philosophy, as she prepares for the longest week of her life. A tornado, a head-injury, and a guy who likes cat-memes set the stage for a re-occurring Friday the 13th Amber might never escape. Kate insists God cares about Amber’s love life, but Amber is fairly sure she’s just a lab-rat experiment gone wrong.


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