2 FF Romance Books by Amanda Radley

2 FF Romance Books

2 FF Romance Books by Amanda Radley
English | 2021 |Fantasy| ePUB |7.5 MB

Amanda Radley is an internationally best-selling author of LGBTQ+ fiction, with a focus on sapphic romance. Amanda won a Lambda award for her comedy caper Huntress in 2018.

Lost at Sea
A stowaway. A perceptive captain. Both drawn together.

Annie Peck finds herself in a terrible situation and is literally running for her life. A chance encounter with a surprising lookalike leads her towards a risky solution.

Captain Caroline West knows she is lucky to be one of the few women cruise ship captains in the world. Sadly, not having a standard nine to five job means relationships are nearly impossible and she’s all but given up on finding anyone.

Join these two women for an all-expenses-paid cruise of the Mediterranean and find out what happens when an identity thief with a heart of gold meets the rule-abiding woman who could throw her in jail.

Flight SQA016
Emily White works an exhausting transatlantic schedule for Crown Airlines. Crippling debt means she spends more time in the air as a member of the first-class cabin crew than she does on the ground being a mother, and she desperately misses her young son.

Fastidious passenger Olivia Lewis is used to things being a certain way. When her routine is changed by this new, attractive member of the staff, she attempts to reach out to Emily. Unfortunately, Olivia is famous for her terrible social skills, and things quickly go oh-so-wrong.

When disaster strikes for her son, will Emily be able to swallow her pride and accept the assistance Olivia offers?


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