The Last Rainmaker by Scott Blade

The Last Rainmaker by Scott Blade
English | 2018 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | Series: (Jack Widow Book 9) | 317 KB

Widow hunts for a sniper with deadly range, and an even deadlier secret in book nine of Scott Blade‘s bestselling series.
A deadly range. The world record for longest range of a sniper kill shot. Ever. No contest. No question. What happens when a new sniper comes along and takes out the world’s top shooters from further away? Terror.
Jack Widow is unlucky enough to end up in the hospital after an accidental train crash. Wrong place. Wrong time. But his luck goes from bad to worse when CIA Agent Benico Teller, forgotten, walks out of Widow’s past and into back into his life with classified intel that Widow must hear and an offer that he can’t refuse.
Turns out that the US government needs Widow’s help. He’s the only man alive to ever survive an encounter with their only suspect: a whisper, a phantom, a ghost sniper, known as Rainmaker.
Rainmaker’s skills fall somewhere between the best there ever was and godlike.
As more snipers on the list of top shooters are being murdered, one by one, only Jack Widow can track the sniper and stop him.

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