Genesis by Charles R. Case

Genesis by Charles R. Case
English | 2018 | Science Fiction | ePUB+ | Series: (War Mage #1) | 1 MB

A cutting-edge starship and a pint-sized black cat; these are the weapons of a War Mage.

The Elif, an elf-like race, came from the stars thirty years ago; their ships filling our skies. Unlike all the movies had taught us, they really did come in peace. They brought technology we had only dreamed possible, but more importantly, they brought us magic to make it all work.

Now they need something in return.

Twins, Sara and Cora Sonders, are newly minted Captains in the United Human Confederation’s Fleet, but their first assignment may be pushing them just a little too hard. The Elif are desperate for the newest ship in Humanity’s fleet, the UHS Raven, to succeed. But the experimental systems on the Raven may be too much for the twins to handle. It’s clear there is a lot more happening than their benefactors are letting on, and now it’s up to Sara and Cora to find the answers before humanity is wiped out completely.

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