3 Days in June by James O’Connell

3 Days in June

3 Days in June: 3 Para’s Battle for Mt. Longdon by James O’Connell
English | 2021|History| ePUB | 24 MB

When 3 Para began their assault under cover of darkness on Mount Longdon in June 1982, nobody knew what to expect. The three platoons of B Company each approached the mountain silently, treading carefully through a series of defensive minefields. But following an explosion, fighting quickly escalated with shocking speed and severity, resulting in some of the bloodiest close hand fighting, terrible injuries, and shocking loss of life experienced by British troops since the Korean war.
Recreating 3 Para’s bloody Falklands battle from multiple angles, James O’Connell – who fought there and was seriously injured himself – has written a gut-wrenching 360 degree classic.
Frustrated by highly inaccurate books about the battle, O’Connell decided to set the record straight. What he did next was extraordinary – he revisited the Falkland’s five times with comrades and Argentine soldiers and literally walked through the battle with them, step-by-step, creating an unprecedented masterpiece of immersive military publishing.
Combined with rare access to the Battalion’s records and radio logs, the resulting book is the last word on Mount Longdon, and might be th

e most harrowingly realistic description of modern warfare you will ever read.


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