The Witch Collector

low the Bones (Widow’s Island #5) by Kendra Elliot
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 2.9 MB

William Massa is a produced screenwriter and bestselling Amazon author. His film credits include Return to House on Haunted Hill and he has sold pitches and scripts to Warner, USA TV, Silver Pictures, Dark Castle, Maverick and Sony.

By day, Harry Ashland is a mild-mannered traveling salesman. By night, he turns into the Witch Collector who travels from town to town as he hunts the witches who hide among us. Harry’s psychic sixth sense allows him to separate regular women from those who engage in witchcraft.
There is only one problem. Harry Ashland is an insane serial killer living in a twisted fantasy world. The women he hunts and kills are only witches in his own demented mind. And he has found his newest victim.
Lydia is a goth girl who likes to dress in black and practice Wiccan rituals under the light of the moon. Little does she know that on this Halloween night, the Witch Collector is coming to town. Luckily for her, so is the Hexecutioner.
In the real world, he is Special Agent Jaxon Weylock, FBI profiler of human monsters. But in the shadow world where supernatural beasts prey on the innocent, he is the Hexecutioner, punisher of otherworldly evil.
Versed in the dark arts, master of magic an

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