A Blood of Kings by Bryce O’Connor, Luke Chmilenko

A Blood of Kings

A Blood of Kings by Bryce O’Connor, Luke Chmilenko (The Shattered Reigns Book 2)
English | 2021 |Fantasy| ePUB | 6.6 MB

Ryn has fallen. Ester could be dying. Bonner is too far away to help. No matter how Declan Idrys
looks at his situation, he comes to the same conclusion every time:
He is about to die at the hands of the first dark elf seen in seven hundred years.
Fate, fortunately, is not so cruel though, and after barely surviving this initial encounter with the
er’endehn of Eserysh, Declan and his friends find themselves in a tentative truce with the war-loving
elves. They share a common enemy, after all, and their mutual hate for the Endless Queen and her
growing legions is enough for the two groups to set aside their mistrust for one another, if only for
now. Sehranya, however, is not one to rest easy while her enemies join forces, and Declan and his
companions soon find themselves assaulted by new horrors as they set out to make at last for the
legendary city of Ysenden in truth.
But the Queen has made a mistake. Within Declan the slumbering might of his line is at last stirring,
prodded into life by the guiding hands of Bonner yr’Essel. Fire. Power. Strength
Sehranya will rue the day she did not throw everything she had into slaying the one of King’s


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