A Breeze Across the Aegean by Robert Cole

A Breeze Across the Aegean

A Breeze Across the Aegean by Robert Cole
English | 2020 |Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 2.9 MB

It has been two years since Nicholas lost his wife. Still bereft he decides to take a holiday on the Greek island of Rhodes, hoping that the break will help him in his recovery. Whilst there he takes a day trip to the tiny island of Halki. On the ferry he meets Alessandra, who is working as a researcher at the museum on Rhodes. Beautiful and vivacious, she and Nicholas instantly connect and make plans to meet up on their return trip. She also offers to show Nicholas around the Old Town of Rhodes. Alessandra fails to show up on both occasions and a disappointed Nicholas returns to his old life in England.

A few months go by and he is stunned to hear that Alessandra has been reported as missing and then realises he may have been one of the last to have seen her. Determined to help, Nicholas returns to Rhodes to assist the authorities. He learns that her disappearance may have been linked to her own research into one of the Ancient World’s most enduring mysteries. Frustrated with the police efforts he decides to continue his own investigation into her disappearance.

Set against the magic and the mystery of these Greek islands of the Eastern Aegean, Nicholas’s search throws him into the dangerous world of artifact looting, kidnapping and murder. Initially ill-equipped to deal with the shadowy and brutal world of these criminal networks he embarks on an odyssey of self-discovery. He will need to summon new depths of resolve and courage to save Alessandra and himself before the journey turns deadly.


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