A Certain Plume by Henri Michaux

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A Certain Plume by Henri Michaux
English | 2018| General Fiction/Classics > Poetry| ePUB | 2.2 MB

A bilingual edition of the most famous of Henri Michaux’s poetry collections, now in a new translation from the French.
The figure of Plume preoccupied the great Belgian poet Henri Michaux throughout his career. Plume, meaning feather or pen, is a character who drifts from one thing to another, losing shape, taking new forms, at perpetual risk from reality. He is a personification of the imagination as subject to innumerable pratfalls and disgraces, and yet indestructible for all that. In this new bilingual edition, with translations by Richard Sieburth, the entire Plume cycle appears for the first time in English in the form in which Michaux originally published it.


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