A Choir of Lies by Alexandra Rowland

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A Choir of Lies

A Choir of Lies by Alexandra Rowland (A Conspiracy of Truths #2)
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 8.1 Mb

A Choir of Lies : A young storyteller must embrace his own skills—and the power of stories—to save a nation from economic ruin, in the standalone sequel to A Conspiracy of Truths.

Three years ago, Ylfing watched his master-Chant tear a nation apart with nothing but the words on his tongue. Now Ylfing is all alone in a new realm, brokenhearted and grieving—but a Chant in his own right, employed as a translator to a wealthy merchant of luxury goods, Sterre de Waeyer. But Ylfing has been struggling to come to terms with what his master did, with the audiences he’s been alienated from, and with the stories he can no longer trust himself to tell.

That is, until Ylfing’s employer finds out what he is, what he does, and what he knows. At Sterre’s command, Ylfing begins telling stories once more, fanning the city into a mania for a few shipments of an exotic flower. The prices skyrocket, but when disaster looms, Ylfing must face what he has done and decide who he wants to be: a man who walks away and lets the city shatter, as his master did? Or will he embrace the power of story to save ten thousand lives?

With a memorable cast of characters, starring a fan-favorite from A Conspiracy of Truths, and a timely message, Choir of Lies reminds us that the words we wield can bring destruction—or salvation.

“Finne nodded seriously, looking at the water, and said, “I think he may be the best that anyone has ever seen.”

And he was. By all the heroes, he was.

He was a master-Chant, and he didn’t seem to have any other name. Ylfing heard him telling stories, and he took to following Chant through the village whenever he had a chance. He barely spoke to Chant at first, just watched, rapt, and listened to Chant talking to the others, asking for stories and trading his own in return.

And on one glorious shining night of summer, a few weeks later, when the sky got no darker than twilight, Chant turned to Ylfing and said, “I’ll be leaving soon.”

He said, “You listen well.”

He said, “I heard that you told a few of my stories to your friends.”

He said, “You’re special.”

He said, “Would you like to come along with me as my apprentice and see all the wonders of the world?”16

And Ylfing found that he would like that very much.

“It isn’t easy,” Chant told him. “And it’s not like your life is here—we’ll be each other’s only family,17 and we’ll move from place to place.”

So he went to his friend Finne, and Ylfing told him, “The Chant wants me to be his apprentice. I’m going away.”

“Goodness,” said Finne, his eyes shining. He didn’t understand how far away Ylfing was going, but neither did Ylfing. “An apprenticeship to him! You’ll learn all his stories?”


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