A Colony of CATTs by T S Paul

A Colony of CATTs

A Colony of CATTs: More Tales from the Athena Lee Universe by T S Paul
English | 2016 |Sci – Fi| ePUB | 2.6 MB

This the second collection of Tales from the Athena Lee Universe.

What happens when robotic CATTs are sent to guard two small children? They send robotic KITTs of course. Join Athena Lee’s Crazy AI Wilson along with his robotic creations in a dozen wild and wacky Short stories.

What happens when Pirates buy a robot? Do robots need to be emancipated? Who put the Son in Wilson?


Wilson’s Freedom Bill
Play that Funky Music
Return to Robbie Burger
A CATT is Born
Questions Answered. Fun Postponed…
The Other Wilson
The Business at Hand
Robot Lives Matter Too!
The Other Wilson Strikes Back
The Other Wilson: Hot times!
CATTs and KITTs oh My!


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