A Dark Sin by J M Dalgliesh

A Dark Sin

A Dark Sin by J M Dalgliesh (Hidden Norfolk Murder Mystery #8)
English | 2021|Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 6 MB

Our darkest secrets are best left buried…
When a local journalist is found dead in an isolated spot on Roydon Common, lying beneath a hangman’s noose on the anniversary of a teenager’s suicide, DI Tom Janssen is asked to take on the investigation as a favour to local colleagues and must unpick the deceased man’s life to discover how he came to be there.The dead man was working on something, a story he was keeping close to his chest and even those closest to him, loved ones and colleagues, were kept in the dark. He had his own secrets, a side to his character that he rarely showed to others unless they were unlucky. But what did he know that was so damaging as to be worth killing for? As the team delve into his life, past and present, the investigation pulls in successful business people, grieving family members, and a local celebrity with fascinating stories to tell. As the investigation develops it becomes clear that more than one person is harbouring a secret… but are they secrets that are worth a man’s life? As past sins threaten to be exposed, will someone be forced into killing again?


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