A Death at the Hotel Mondrian by Anja de Jager

A Death at the Hotel Mondrian

A Death at the Hotel Mondrian (Lotte Meerman #5) by Anja de Jager
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB |3.3MB

A Death at the Hotel Mondrian (Lotte Meerman Series #5) aka The Body in the Dunes
The fifth smart and engaging police procedural featuring dark and damaged Dutch detective Lotte Meerman.

When Lotte Meerman is faced with the choice of interviewing the latest victim in a string of assaults or talking to a man who claims he really isn’t dead, she picks the interview. After all, the man cannot possibly be who he claims he is: Andre Nieuwkamp was murdered as a teenager over thirty years ago, and it had been a police success story nationwide when the skeletal remains found in the dunes outside Amsterdam had been identified, and the murderer subsequently arrested.

Yet concerned about this encounter, Lotte goes to the Hotel Mondrian the next day to talk to the man, but what she finds is his corpse. And his passport shows that he wasn’t Andre Nieuwkamp as he said, but Theo Brand, a British citizen.

Subsequent DNA tests reveal that the man was Andre Nieuwkamp so now Lotte has a double mystery on her hands and needs to figure out not only why Andre waited so long to tell anyone he was still alive, but also who was the teenager murdered in the dunes all those decades ago.


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