A Dragon’s Key: The Dragon Sagas

A Dragons Key

A Dragon’s Key: The Dragon Sagas by Ellis Wade
English | 2021| Fantasy| ePUB | 2.2 MB

In a “Forgotten Realm” a dangerous game still is in session. One that is destined. Only the deadliest and most cunning of Creations will survive in the end to play….
Cara James is a hidden piece. A lost treasure in a foretold tale of Legend. An Ancient battle of Good and Evil that still delights and entertains the monsters and beasts of the realms even till this day. She is unwittingly aware that she is hunted…and the Ultimate Prize.
Brice the Betrayer is a Legendary Beast- Though many know of him as the Betrayer, all know that he searches for a legendary “key”. One that will win him absolute power and freedom from servitude in these brutal wars.
Cara and Brice though are about to be Awakened. They will both be put through unimaginable trials. No matter the deceptions, the lies, the blood and deaths… for they are Star-crossed and destined to Love.


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