A Fairy Situation by Misty Bane

A Fairy Situation

A Fairy Situation by Misty Bane (Wicked Hollow Fairies Cozy Mystery Book 1)
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 2.7 MB

Miles away from Blackwood Bay, in the deepest depths of the forest, is a bustling community named Wicked Hollow. It’s where I live and where a lot of other fairies live too. Yup, fairies.
Cute, right? Except most of what you think you know about fairies is wrong. We aren’t sweet little things that flutter around singing songs and throwing fairy dust around. Okay, okay … some fairies fit this stereotype— not me. It might be because of the whole curse thing, but I’ll explain that later. Right now, I’ve got a dead body on my hands.
Someone killed our mayor. And since I’m an agent for the Fairy World Bureau of Investigations, I kind of have to deal with it as part of the job description.
Add in my best friend who owns the local salon, my eccentric grandmother and her doubly eccentric twin sister, and my oldest friend—a vampire cursed to live out the rest of his existence as a bumblebee bat—and you can see my life has all of the promises of a typical cozy paranormal story … except it’s a little more complicated than that.
I’m Jade Honeyblossom: half witch, half wicked, full fairy. Welcome to my world.

This damn fairy is getting on my last nerve.

I could hear his infuriating little cackle as my partner, Puck, and I tried to pinpoint his location. He was hiding somewhere in the kitchen of the witch who lived near the forest. Fortunately, I knew said witch thanks to a run-in with her only months before. It made getting in and skipping the pleasantries and explanations a whole lot easier. However, by the time we’d arrived, Dru Rathmore Davis and her boyfriend, Wolf Harper, were both weary and covered in spaghetti sauce. Her cat, Maui, peeked out from under the couch, and her grandmother—well, she was a ghost, so this whole dog-and-pony show was hilarious to her.

Every so often, the fairy would throw something at us in an attempt to distract us. The only problem was that he had also invoked some sort of invisibility spell. Flying objects seemed to come from a dozen different directions as the unseen fiend scampered around the room.

“We’re with the Fairy World Bureau of Investigation, and if you don’t cease and desist right now—”

An orange zoomed past my head, and I ducked just in time. It exploded on the wall behind me, drenching me with its sticky juice.

It was only eight a.m., and I already needed a shower. Annoyance rose up in me, and I tried to remain calm.

“Puck, go to the cabinet. See if you can find—”

I ducked again as a glass jar shattered to my left. “Stop!” I demanded.

“Stop!” The high-pitched, mocking voice was right near my ear.

I whipped around and lunged, grabbing nothing but air.

“Jade, look out!” Dru shouted.

This time it was a knife that flew through the air. It came so close that the wind tickled my cheek.

I gritted my teeth as the transformation began, and my cerulean-colored wings turned jet black.

Suddenly the room grew silent as the barrage of objects stopped.

You have two options when you’re an outcast: try to conform or embrace it. I spent the majority of my life attempting the former, which isn’t easy when your wings turn black every time you experience any kind of emotion or, you know, just at their own discretion. In a sea of pastels and various vivid colors of the rainbow, black is what stands out. Like a dead, dark, sore thumb. See, I’m a rare breed of fairy.

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