A Hostel Murder by Bethany Russell

A Hostel Murder

A Hostel Murder by Bethany Russell (A Bobberton Diaries Cozy Mystery Book 4)
English | 2020 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 2.7MB

Ethel and Billy are in sunny, beautiful, exotic Lisbon! It’s a dream location that the two have been looking forward to for some time, but there’s a problem. Ethel has booked them into a hostel, rather than the luxury resort she had promised. And it isn’t just any hostel either, but a party hostel full of twenty-year-old drunks, frat boys and backpackers. Ethel couldn’t have booked a worse place to stay if she had tried.To make matters even worse, Billy is using this incorrect booking as a chance to usurp his mother’s authority and take over the trip. Ethel wanted to use Lisbon as a chance to take the power back and show Billy that her best years were still in front of her. So much for that.When a guest of the hostel is murdered on their first night in Lisbon, Ethel sees the case as the perfect chance for her to seize control and prove to Billy and everyone else that she isn’t the old, used up crone they seem to think she is. And where it’s a good plan, and one sure to work, there is one tiny problem. The case is a lot more complex and difficult than she could have imagined.The local authorities don’t want to help. There are literally no clues to work with. Billy is insistent on making things as challenging as he possibly can. It was a good plan by Ethel, but in order for it to work, she’s going to actually have to solve the case first.


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