A Kiss of Deception by Frances Hoelsema

A Kiss of Deception

A Kiss of Deception by Frances Hoelsema (Sealed with A Kiss Book 3)
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 268 KB

Frances Hoelsema is a wife and mother residing in Michigan where she gets to enjoy all four seasons, autumn being her favorite. After earning a degree in business and transcription, she now gets the best of both worlds by working from home as a real-time writing manager for an international transcription firm. In her spare time, Frances thoroughly enjoys traveling, kayaking, hiking, shopping, and loving on her cats. She is also an avid reader and writer who loves to engage with others through social media.

With Laura gone and the devastation of The Margaret Killer behind her, Cassie Seaver returns home to Bennington Hills for a fresh start. She updates her style with a new look. She gets a new job and rents a new apartment. When a man comes to her rescue, she even finds a new love interest. With life returning to normal, she is beginning to believe she can finally move on from her past. But Cassie isn’t the only one who has returned to Bennington Hills. As dead bodies start showing up, Cassie’s worst fears have come true. The Margaret Killer is still at work, and this time, the killer is calling her out. Past collides with present as Cassie fights to put an end to this game, all while knowing she could become the next victim.



That’s what they all were. Pawns.

Twists and turns all reared their ugly heads. But in the end, everything was still working out how he planned it to. And that’s what mattered most. Those destined to die have or soon will.

It was all a matter of time. In his time. No one else’s.

He called the shots. He was in control.

Those thoughts circled in Doctor Garrett Richards’s mind like a broken record. His smile never reached its full potential; only slanting slyly to one side. His brisk pace doubled, the long hallway almost to a close. One more turn and he’d be out of there.

For good.

Garrett couldn’t believe what he had just pulled off. Well, he believed it. He never doubted it wouldn’t work. But he was a little surprised that there weren’t any hiccups this time.

That thought was conjured too soon.

Just as he turned around the corner, he rammed into someone. A clipboard with papers fell to the floor, sprawling out. The woman immediately bent over to retrieve what she lost.

It took all of one second to realize who she was: Natalie Morales from registration. She was a petite Latina with a perfect complexion and a chest he could get lost in. And he had. Many times. The two of them had no trouble finding time to fulfil their desires anytime the need arose.

He eyed her, paying particular attention to the mounds of flesh heaving from her tight-fitting v-neck. His tongue licked his bottom lip.

“I’m so sorry, Mr. Richards,” came the sweet, melodic voice of this angel.

Bending down, he took her chin in between his thumb and finger, lifting it slightly, so he could look into those dark eyes once again. “No, I’m sorry. I was in too big of a hurry. Here, let me help.” He started to pick up some of the forms.

Natalie got a little closer, her mouth inches from his ear, her breath warm to his skin. “Are you free in an hour?”

Oh, how he wished he was. The things that he wanted to do to this woman were scandalous. What he would give to kiss her, touch her, show her who was the boss. He daydreamed what their encounter would be like. Tried finding an excuse to stay. Tried justifying his actions.

But that would make him a failure.

One wrong move and he was done for. He had to be careful. As much as he’d love to give into the sins of the flesh, other matters took precedence.

And of those matters, he had to get out of the hospital quick.

Garrett inhaled through his teeth. “Oh, I wish I could. But I’ve actually got an important family matter to attend to. I’m so sorry.”

Natalie’s bottom lip protruded in the cutest way. How could he say no to her? This was killing him!

“Okay. I understand.” She brushed a strand of her dark brown hair behind her ear. Her smile was forced. Fake.

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