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A LITTLE COMPLICATION by Tara Tingle (Little Stories #2)
English | 2020 | Romance, MM| ePUB | 1.3 MB

I’m about to get married.
This should be the happiest period of my life… but I’ve never been more confused. And it’s not even wedding jitters, no. It’s because of him.
The guy who was hired to be the stripper for my fiancee’s bridal shower – insanely gorgeous, intimidatingly tall and blessed with muscles bulging from every inch of his drool-worthy form.
Wait. Why am I even thinking of him that way? I’m as straight as a f*cking ruler I’m about to be a groom, for crying out loud!
But as the days go by, my feelings for him become stronger and stronger, so much so that they can no longer be denied. I was in love with him.
Still, I tried to stay away.
But when he showed me a world that I never knew existed in an attempt to reveal a side of me that needed to come out…
A world where diapers were a statement of courage…
A world where formula milk was a declaration of identity…
A world where pacifiers were an announcement of pride…
A world where toys were means of control…
My fascination for him intensified into an obsession, my need for his touch escalated into an addiction.
I wish I could just accept who I am. I wish I could just accept what I feel for him. I wish I could just call off the wedding. I wish I could just ride off into the sunset with the man who has shown me that there’s so much more to my life than what I’ve grown to know.
But I can’t.
It’s not that easy. It never is.
Things are more complicated than that. Way, way, way more complicated.


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