A Liverpool Lullaby by Brian L. Porter

A Liverpool Lullaby

A Liverpool Lullaby by Brian L. Porter (Mersey Murder Mysteries #8)
English | 2020 | Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 2.9 MB

After a woman’s body is found in a local beauty spot, her heart surgically removed, D.I. Andy Ross and his team are called in to investigate.

But this time, they face a criminal mastermind unlike any they have before, who soon becomes known as The Doctor. All evidence points to romantic connections between the killer and his prey, with an eerie lullaby left playing on an old tape recorder next to the victims.

As one body after another is found, Andy Ross and his team race against time to identify the killer. But The Doctor is already courting his next victim…

Very funny, Oscar,” Ross quipped. “What brings down to the land of living dead this morning?”

“Actually, I’m glad to catch you all together. You’ll all be interested in what I’ve got to tell you.”

“Go on then, surprise us,” Ross replied, allowing a pregnant pause at the end of his words.

“Actually, Detective Chief Superintendent Hollingsworth and I have been in contact quite a bit over the last few days.”


“Well, you know how the Chief Super said you could have two more team members? You’ve got Fenella of course, and so you need one more yet.”

“And the DCS has given you her ideas, a sort of ‘approved short list’ of candidates.”

“You’re so sharp, one of these days you’ll cut yourself, Andy, but yes, that’s exactly right.”

“And the short list is contained in the file you have under your arm, if I’m not mistaken?”

“Well done. Top marks for observation too. Yes, I want to show you these files and get your opinion. You’re not obliged to take any of them if you don’t think they meet the team’s standards, but the DCS…”

“Hasn’t got a clue,” Ross interrupted.

“Oh, give her some credit, man. Just take a look and let me know what you think, okay.”

“Okay,” said Ross. “Oh, and good morning to you, Oscar.”

Agostini laughed. “Good morning to you all, too. How are you finding it being a DS, Derek?” he asked McLennan.

“Oh, just great, sir,” McLennan grinned. “So far the only order I’ve given was to ask Tony Curtis to fetch me and the boss a coffee each.”

“Oh well, we all have to start somewhere, Derek,” Agostini chuckled. “I’m sure you’ll get your chance to flex your muscles when we get a new case.”

“Speaking of cases, nothing for us yet, sir?” Ross asked.

“Nope, I’ll let you know as soon as we get something. You settled in okay, Fenella?”

“Yes, thank you, sir,” Church replied.

“Okay, that’s it for now,” Agostini said, depositing the file he’d brought with him on Ross’s desk. “Have a look, see what you think and get back to me.”

Once he’d gone, Ross picked up the file and looked at the three resumés it contained. He remained silent for a minute as he briefly scanned the documents, and as he finished one, he passed them to his two sergeants to peruse. After all three of them had read through the resumés, he finally spoke again.

“Comments, anyone?”

“I like the look of this one,” Church pointed to the first file they’d looked at.

“Funnily enough, so do I,” McLennan agreed with her.

“Well,” Ross said, “I concur with you two. I like the look of him, too. Good arrest record, good recommendations from his senior officers, and sounds like an intelligent guy.”

“Don’t get me wrong, sir. They’re all good, but this one stands out,” Church said.

“I thought so too,” McLennan concurred.

“Well then, as we all like the look of him, I’d better have a word with the boss, and arrange to interview him.”


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