A Murder’s Gruesome Premiere by Cynthia Raye

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A Murder’s Gruesome Premiere by Cynthia Raye
English | 2020 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB, .PDF| 1.9 MB

Maggie Fulton was born to perform on stage. She’s a talented actress who is capable of enthralling a crowd with her captivating performance. Unfortunately, her talent has been dramatically overshadowed by her age these days, as she is constantly turned down by casting directors who favor younger actresses. When she is offered a part in an upcoming production, Maggie knows that she has to make the most of what might be her last chance to perform in front of an audience. On the night of the premiere, tensions run high and everyone is on edge, as suspicions of sabotage plague the cast. No one could have been prepared though for the nightmare this night is about to turn into…
The male lead is shockingly murdered on stage right in front of hundreds of onlookers and collapses lifeless in Maggie’s arms. She’s plunged into a very risky investigation, and the police seem to have only one suspect- Maggie. Her world turns upside down as the media swarms around her, and the dead protagonist’s fans demand justice. Maggie joins forces with the mysterious new playwright, knowing that she needs all the help she can get before her reputation goes down in flames. Together, they’ll take on a journey into every aspect of the entertainment industry to find the truth, from the glittering stage to the seedy parts hidden in the shadows. But how far into the darkness are they willing to go in search of the truth?
There seem to be no shortage of suspects, and Maggie is forced to take center stage in an ordeal she never asked to be a part of. To make matters worse, a sinister presence haunts the theater, threatening anyone who’s part of the play. Time seems to be counting down fast and the spotlight is suddenly on Maggie and her ability to solve the mystery of this terrifying chain of events. Her quest becomes even more urgent when she turns into the murderer’s next target, as she must fight fiercely to catch the killer and save her own life too. Will Maggie manage to expose the truth in time and bring justice to light? Or will the killer get to her first, turning her into the next victim to die on stage?


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