A New Light by D’Artagnan Rey Michael Anderle

A New Light

A New Light by D’Artagnan Rey Michael Anderle (The Astral Wanderer Book 1)
English | 2021| Fantasy| ePUB | 6.6 MB

This story is part anime, part steampunk and all action!
Inside each fighter are three types of magic. If a fighter acquires magical weapons, they can best those more powerful than themselves.
Provided the weapons don’t eat away at their soul.
Teenage fighter Devol and his sword Achroma set off to locate the storied group known as Templar.
Protectors who travel between dimensions and worlds who fight others with powers as great as their own to protect those without.
And to clear their name.
Devol finds his training needs to be started, and fast.
Unfortunately, he isn’t sure if the Templars will take him, and if they take him, will he succeed?
There is only one way to find out.


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