A Personal Agenda by G R Jordan

A Personal Agenda

A Personal Agenda by G R Jordan (Highlands & Islands Detective Thriller, Book 7)
English |2021 |Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 6.1 MB

A terrorist kills on the Caledonian Canal. Personal trauma takes Macleod out of the investigation. Can McGrath and the team strip away the killer’s masked agenda and prevent another murder?

When terrorist attacks occur in the West of Scotland, Macleod and McGrath work amidst the multitude of agencies to uncover the organisation behind it. But just as Macleod makes a startling revelation, a crisis at home removes him from the team. With the country’s agencies chasing down a blind alley, can newly promoted DS McGrath pull her team together and stop one final killing?

There’s no wilder face of terror than the one with a personal agenda!


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