A Sellsword’s Hope by Jacob Peppers

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A Sellsword's Hope

A Sellsword’s Hope by Jacob Peppers : Book Seven of the Seven Virtues
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB |514 Kb

A Sellsword’s Hope : Grinner and his conspiracy to overthrow Perennia have been defeated, but victory came at a high cost. The alliance suffered losses it could ill afford, for the true enemy still lies in Baresh, growing stronger with each day that passes.

Leading the combined armies of three kingdoms, Aaron and his companions march to the city, but even with such a force, even with the power of the Virtues, victory is anything but assured.

For when blades are drawn, when battle begins, the only certainty is blood.

Aaron knows this, just as he knows the terrible odds he faces. Yet, he is not alone. His allies march with him—creatures out of myth and legend, cut-throats and thieves, sailors and smugglers, and the mysterious Akalians who have finally chosen to step out of the shadows and into the light.

But the ancient mage has allies of his own, creatures endowed with speed and strength greater than any man, bereft of any human feeling, including pain. But there is strength in emotion, a power that even the thousand-year-old mage, even creatures out of legend, cannot stand against.

For with emotion comes valor and courage, honor and duty

“Seems to me,” Wendell said sullenly, “that a man shouldn’t need another to tell him to get out of the way, a cart full of hay and shit comes rollin’ at him.”

Darrell cleared his throat, and Wendell kept a close eye on his hand, in case he went for his sword. “Yes, quite, and I’m sure that we would have got out of the way, if given the chance. Foolish of us, I suppose, for thinking to try knocking first.”

Wendell grunted. “Well, you said it, not me.”

“Still,” Leomin said through gritted teeth as the people they passed watched their procession with disgust, several of them coughing as they did and holding their hands to their noses. “Can you explain to me again why it was so important to light the cart—and its…contents—on fire?”

“Oh,” the sergeant said, nodding. “The hay and the shit, you mean? Well, I saw that fella holdin’ the lantern, and I thought, sure, Wendell, the cart ought to break through the door sure enough, but then what if it gets stuck, you know? Or, what if they just keep settin’ in there, waitin’ on us? Seemed to me, the only thing that’d catch me by more surprise than a cart full of fertilizer breakin’ down my door would be if that cart was on fire, and what’s the problem anyway?” He grinned, remembering the look on the faces of the three men who’d come running out of the house like they were being chased by the Death God himself. “It got ‘em out in the street, didn’t it?”



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