A Shaper’s Farewell by Karen MacRae

A Shaper's

A Shaper’s Farewell by Karen MacRae (Aura Shaper Book 3)
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 834 Kb

A Shaper’s : The Mastran border is about to be breached by Emperor Nystrieth’s enormous, marauding army leaving King Rybis no choice but to declare war on the Black Shaper and send help to The Kingdom’s closest ally.

Elona, the Reader warrior, and Pyteor, the Concealer, are only weeks away from presenting their Emperor and God with coloured peristone beads and the knowledge of how to transform them into fabled black peristone. They know no one will be able to stop Him once He has the power of the stone, not even the so-called King’s Shaper, the weakling wisp of a girl who’s joined forces with Rybis’ spies.

Anna’s new oath, Forever White, means she’ll stand up to evil at every opportunity and Nystrieth is no exception. Now in possession of a white peristone, her powers have never been greater, but she’ll have to face her fears and find new allies if she’s to stand a chance of stopping the monster from destroying the good in the world.

“Thoughts of Nystrieth were replaced once again with thoughts of the Captain. He realised he didn’t even know the man’s name. He wondered if Elona did. Knowing her, she probably didn’t think it necessary. He sighed and took a long draft of the foaming liquid the timid girl had placed before him. Much as he’d prefer never to see the Reader’s face again, he was going to have to rescue her. The Captain would only take him to Rubra if she was warming his bed the whole way.

A tiny, treasonous voice wormed its way into his consciousness. Only he and Elona knew where the gold was and Elona wasn’t getting to it any time soon without his help. What if he did nothing? What if Nystrieth was led to believe Pyteor had died on Ionantis? What if the Elements’ school had a new, wealthy applicant? Killing Ebdry to protect his cover wasn’t an issue, but what if Nystrieth had other eyes here he wasn’t aware of? What if He discovered the lie? The Concealer shivered with fear. No, it was much too risky.

The students sitting on the other side of the table shared eyebrow-raised glances as the pale, blonde man who’d been muttering under his breath suddenly laughed hysterically. “I bet she doesn’t even say thank you!” they heard him exclaim before tossing some coppers on the table and shouldering his bag. He strode off towards the harbour, his half-full mug of ale abandoned.

The Concealer didn’t notice how few King’s Guards were on duty at the gates into the Rim and the harbour. His mind was fully occupied trying to work out how best to break it to the Captain that, by the sounds of things, he needed to find a new First Mate and seven new hands.”



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