A Sinner’s Prayer by M.P. Wright

A Sinner's

A Sinner’s Prayer by M.P. Wright (J T Ellington, book 4)
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 811 Kb

A Sinner’s : Saying farewell to the dark side doesn’t mean the dark side wants rid of you. And I was about to be reminded of that fact.

1970, St Pauls, Bristol. A new decade, and J T Ellington is determined it will be a quiet one. He’s stepped away from the private-eye game to scratch a living, respectable at last, as a school caretaker.

Still his nights are full of torment – guilt and ghosts that no prayers will banish – but it’s not until the past comes calling in the unwelcome form of Superintendent Fletcher that J T’s resolve is truly tested.

Fletcher has a job for J T – and the hard-nosed cop can’t be refused. A young man, Nikhil Suresh, has disappeared hours before his wedding; rumours abound and his family is distraught. J T is to investigate.

With what feels like blood money in his pocket, J T is plunged deep into a demi-monde of vice, violence and forbidden passion. An extraordinary, malevolent enemy is intent on destroying him. Now – seeking survival and redemption – J T must play as dirty and dangerous as those who want him dead.

“Carnell’s arms spring forward. I see the glistening underbelly of a black serpent curled up among the remains of his guts, which are cradled in his hands. My friend’s fingers splay apart as he throws the snake and steaming entrails on to my chest. Helpless to defend myself, my feet immediately try and kick underneath the sheets, but they feel as if they have been wired together. One of my hands remains locked at my side, the other held up in front of my face like a meaningless, outstretched claw.

The snake remains still, eyeing me before slithering backwards. I feel the warmth of its coiling body through the sheets. I watch as it sinks down between my legs, its lower half nestling close to my groin. Its bulbous head then rises, its grey tongue darting in and out of its mouth as it savours the scent of my fear. The serpent’s mouth opens to reveal huge fangs, its head and neck barely moving. I can hear my heart beating savagely inside my head as the creature lunges towards my face.

Before the viper strikes, the room becomes as bright and shattering to my eyes as a phosphorous shell exploding. Carnell and the snake both burst into flame like huge candles. Their bodies glow with the cool white brilliance of a pistol’s flare. A huge fire erupts, the sound like the whistle of super-heated air cracking through brick, metal and wood, followed by the resinous popping of everything around me. It scorches all it touches – skin, organ, bone and soul.

In the glare of the maelstrom, for the briefest of moments, I see the faint images of the people I have loved standing in the enraged heat shimmer. Their quivering voices call out to me to join them in their everlasting perdition. Their arms outstretched, blistered hands open, their charred fingers spread wide, awaiting my body to cradle.”




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