A Song and Ale by M.E. Wolf

A Song and Ale

A Song and Ale: Book 2 of The Immortals of Scar by M.E. Wolf
English | 2019 |Fantasy | ePUB | 1.3 Mb

A Song and Ale: War is too much for me.
Training for it is the worst.
It is not enough.
So much death and destruction at the hands of the Fenshian. I buried many of my comrades, my children were lost on another world, along with my husband. The dead walk and fight us, a rotting corpse of a man uses them to fight us.
Many die only to pop back up to fight, and die again. I lose myself, only to find that I must sing for a man.
War is all that I know, death of my comrades is all that I see. I don’t sing, but I must learn.

“One very important reward is in the torture of all the brethren that treated us so badly and never let us be elevated to higher ranks. You are a stupid fool to come with us and thinking we would guide you to SilverFox and some girl that people keep calling Alexandra here in the Redmond City.

“We set you up for a fall and you were so stupid you did not realize this, for that you will watch everyone in your company tortured and then we will torture you. All of you have secrets that will make this war easier for us.

“Get these secrets we will, no matter how much pain all of you suffer. We will torture the ones with you first and then you will watch us torture the king’s son and the girl, then we torture you. Thus are the circumstances of war.” The traitors’ mannerisms reminded him of goblins.

Over the past week and a half it bothered Captain Greenwood to hear the screams of his comrades and how they relinquished many secrets of the Grand Reach operations. In better times it would have been considered treason, but not when his comrades were placed on the rack a few times and since two of them died from the torture enacted upon them it was somehow different.”



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