A Stone for Maddie Green by Eben Beukes

A Stone for Maddie Green

A Stone for Maddie Green by Eben Beukes
English | 2020 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB |3.0 MB

Four months after she was taken, there is still no word on the disappearance of Maddie Green, daughter of international supermodel, Sarah Green, and the police search has stalled. Disturbing images of a young girl start appearing on the Dark Web; could this be Maddie?
Riad, a homicide detective with PTSD joins the search, but he has problems of his own and other cases to work.
As details of Sarah’s past emerge that complicate matters, Riad has to assume the identity of a paedophile and enter the Dark Web. What he finds there will scar him forever.


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