A Surplus of Seers by Molly Milligan

A Surplus of Seers

A Surplus of Seers by Molly Milligan (The Celtic Witch’s Magical Casebook)
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 312 Kb

A Surplus of Seers : All the witches in the town have lost their second sight. And Bron is surprised to discover there are more witches than she had thought…

An unpopular bully has been pecked to death. Bron is asked to look into the murder and the culprit seems to be found easily – too easily. What really happened?

Bron and Maddie join forces with Dean the druid and his new girlfriend Carrie but she’s hiding a secret that threatens to destroy her and the relationship. Maddie tries to help but only makes things worse. Maddie’s never made things worse before. She’s devastated.

Meanwhile, Bron’s pursuit of truth has brought the shade of the dead man back to this world and even he doesn’t want the real facts to emerge. She’s pursued down the hollow-ways and loses the one thing that could have solved everything. Oh, and she nearly drowns.

There’s only one thing left to do. As the eagles of Snowden raise a storm to destroy them, this disparate band of friends and enemies need to work together to unmake reality itself…

“Tucker Craven. I don’t know the guy but you don’t forget a name like that when you hear it. Sounds like a rock star. Apparently he was found stabbed to death in his own house. Blood was everywhere. It happened last night. Neighbours rang the police because the front door was left open and when one of them left early for work he saw the door was still open and he thought it was odd. He went in to have a look. He’s not okay with what he saw.”

“How do you know?” challenged one sceptical woman. I looked twice at her because she was so plain, beige and brown-haired that she was almost a stereotype of “invisible white female” with her thick-rimmed glasses and A-line skirt. She was also, to my sudden shock, shielding a whole megaton of magic from bursting out of her very core.

I expected the man to dramatically announce, “Because I was that neighbour!” but instead he said, “I work at the hospital and one of the paramedics who was called out told me all about it. I’ve just finished my shift. Twelve hours, I’ve done, on my feet.”

The woman who’d won possession of the last cheese sandwich was then obliged to hand it over to him as a mark of respect for the NHS. He took it triumphantly. “There’s more,” he said and we all leaned in.

“The paramedic said there was only blood inside the room. No trail outside, no leads or anything.”



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