A Taste for Magic by Sara Bourgeois

 A Taste for Magic

A Taste for Magic by Sara Bourgeois (Familiar Kitten Mysteries #5)
English | 2020| Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 2.7 MB

Sara Bourgeois is a Midwesterner through and through. She spends her time writing, reading, and herding cats.

When a diner at Bella Vita nearly drops dead during dinner service, nobody believes it was an attempted murder. Kinsley has to go out on a limb to find the answers before the would-be killer strikes again.

Still no one came out of the bathroom. I was about to leave and go downstairs when the scratching started in bathroom. I’d never given much thought to the empty space above the shop. It never occurred to me that it could be the source of the haunting. Mostly because I hadn’t known there was a living space up there. The landlord had never mentioned it, and he obviously didn’t rent it out. Thinking back, my assumption had been that it was a large, empty attic space.

Confident at that point that the noises coming from the bathroom were of a spectral nature, I started to walk to it. About that time was when two firemen came running up the stairs and busted into the apartment. Viv and Reggie must have told them I was up there. I wondered if smoke still appeared to be pouring out of the front of the building.

My question was answered by the expression on the firefighters’ faces. They took their masks off and surveyed the room with dismay and confusion.

“There’s no fire,” one of them said. I recognized him. His name was Clarke Green.

“There has to be. Did didn’t you see all of that smoke? It must be in the walls or something. I’ll go check the front of the apartment. Ma’am, please exit the apartment for your own safety.”

“I don’t…” I started to say.

“Kinsley, please,” Clarke said. “Thorn would have our hides if he found out we let you get hurt.”

I wanted to stay because I knew there was no fire, but there was also no point in arguing with the fire department. Unless I wanted them to call Thorn. Which I’m sure they could and would do when they had a citizen refusing to leave a potential fire scene.


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