A Time of Deceit by William Cushing

A Time of Deceit

A Time of Deceit: Revelation by William Cushing
English | 2021 |Fantasy| ePUB | 3.9 MB

Truth ceased to exist in the United States. The press and social media platforms had abandoned the concept of reporting the truth long ago. Television reporting went along and reported false news around the clock. Whomever paid them got their story printed or broadcast. There was no shame.

The lack of truth had also found its way into Government and the Judicial System. Lawyers regularly lied to the courts and judges accepted this behavior as appropriate. Judges’ clerks would influence a Judge’s decision in favor of the side that was paying them under the table. Politicians and bureaucrats lied to U. S. citizens with no regard for the needs or rights of citizens.

Society and Government functioned on lies. It didn’t take long before the lies led to a breakdown in Government. The United States Government could no longer support its citizens with basic services and security. Government reacted by becoming more autocratic while limiting the rights and freedoms of the people. Maintaining power was the sole objective of bureaucrats and politicians. Bureaucrats and politicians who were actually controlled by beings from another world.

Small groups of individuals began to band together to retake control of the United States. They would only be able to succeed if they obtained help of ancient creatures whom have inhabited the Earth for many millennium.


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