A Timely Murder by Max Parrott

A Timely Murder

A Timely Murder by Max Parrott (Jaz and Luffy Cozy Mystery #2)
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 1.6 MB

At a remote college in the middle of the forest, someone has just fallen off the historic clock tower. It looks like an accident… but there’s reason to suspect foul play.

Under the spell of the spring rains, and in ancient halls that echo with memories of the past, Wildwood College is about to witness another historic moment – the sudden and tragic death of a promising young student. But what really happened to Oliver Bridges? Was it a stunt gone wrong, or a moment of carelessness? Or was it something else, something more sinister?

Just when Jasmine Moore thought she had put death and mystery behind her, she is thrown into another case. With her talking dog Luffy at her side, and a whole new cast of characters to question, will Jaz get to the bottom of it all? Or will the clock run short?

In A Timely Murder, nothing is quite what it seems at first glance.

As always with Professor Hawke, it was difficult to tell whether he was being genuine or else seeking some sort of disciplinary action.

The rest of the students looked around, shifting in their seats.

‘Uh, no sir,’ Charles said. ‘We were just discussing how we got on with last night’s homework.’

‘Right,’ Jasmine said.

The professor nodded. ‘I see. I could have sworn I heard someone insulting one of the most beautiful branches of fiction to be found, but I guess that doesn’t matter. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion.’

He turned back to the blackboard. With the hand he wasn’t using to hold his cup of tea, he grabbed a bit of chalk and scrawled something out on the board.

Method and Means of Writing.

Then he turned to the class.

‘By now you all should have finished reading Fahrenheit 451,’ he said. ‘And you also should have reached the afterword, though I’m sure many of you didn’t bother to read it. Basically, half of the idea for the novel started out as a short story based on a real-life experience. The original story was only like the resulting novel in tertiary ways. Any writer could have been inspired to write a novel based on it, and the resulting novels would all differ vastly. The fact that Mr. Bradbury came up with Fahrenheit 451 speaks to his own individual method of writing.’

He used the chalk to point at the first word he had written.

‘The method refers to the exact words and how they are ordered. How they make up the story, the characters, the morals and purpose of the whole thing. Mr. Bradbury used his poetic and greatly analogistic style of writing to give us an unforgettable and singular work. That is his method. But what about the means?

‘The means refers to the physical way in which a thing is written. Dalton Trumbo used to like to write longhand from his bathtub. Roald Dahl had a favorite armchair he liked to tuck himself away in with his legs in a sleeping bag. To bring up another giant of science fiction, Isaac Asimov enjoyed shutting himself in tight, closed spaces to hammer away at his typewriter and then his word processor with superhuman speed. Ray Bradbury, in writing Fahrenheit 451, came to a method that was not normal for him.

‘Rather than write at home, where he would be distracted, he sought a quieter place to work. But he couldn’t afford office space, so he elected to write on a typewriter in the basement of a library. A typewriter he had to pay to operate. All in all the novel took him eighteen days to write and cost somewhere close to twenty dollars. That was not Bradbury’s preferred method of writing, but it was the method he used. The result was a beautiful and lasting novel that we read to this very day.’

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