A Wedding for Felicity by Teresa Slack

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A Wedding for Felicity by Teresa Slack (Willow Wood Brides #4)
English | 2020| Romance| ePUB | 1.3 MB

The one thing she most wanted was the one thing she could never have. Will Felicity risk her inheritance for a chance at happily-ever-after?

Beautiful and outgoing Felicity Trego has been too busy with her philanthropic activities in the western frontier town of Willow Wood, Idaho to wonder about the odd stipulation in her father’s will that forbids his daughters from marrying.

When her sister Belinda suffers an injury, Felicity is put in charge of running Trego Leatherworks, the family’s factory, a position for which she in not prepared. She doesn’t have Belinda’s business acumen or ruthless drive. Felicity needs all the help she can get if she doesn’t want to let her sister & the whole town down.

Ned Yates moves to Willow Wood to practice law at his uncle’s firm. An orphan himself, he admires Felicity’s compassion for the orphaned children of Willow Wood. However, rumors about the lovely Trego sister suggest Felicity isn’t as charming and guileless as she appears on the outside.

As Felicity’s attraction toward Ned grows, she wonders what else she missed out on because of the strange conditions of her father’s will. She can’t give up her inheritance for Ned or any other man. The children at the foundlings’ home depend on her.

Battling his own dark past, Ned wants to believe in Felicity. But he can’t risk loving a woman whose dishonesty and greed could destroy him. Is their love strong enough to overcome their mutual distrust? What will happen to the town’s orphans if Felicity gives up her inheritance to follow her heart? Will fear, doubt and suspicion forever prevent a wedding for Felicity?


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