A Well-Kept Promise by L. G. Rollins

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A Well-Kept Promise by L. G. Rollins (Lockhart Sweet Regency Romance #5)
English | 2020|Romance| ePUB | 1.3 MB

It is a truth universally acknowledged that two conniving minds are better than one.

Lady Venetia Lockhart has one goal—to prove to her family she is healthy enough for the London Season next year. But between an inattentive family and unwanted suitors, Venetia finds herself struggling to just make it through the hunting season. Edmund Dawkes, Marquess of Ashbrook has his eyes on the lovely Miss Weatherford. However, despite his best efforts, she doesn’t seem to notice him at all.

With Venetia wanting to avoid all attachments and Edmund seeking to make one, they strike up an instant friendship—and an instant scheme to help one another. After all, what could go wrong with a strategy involving a lady’s glove, a fake love letter, and a few secret conversations? However, when their actions only complicate already strained relationships, and a budding romance gets in the way, can Venetia and Edmund sort through the rubble of their carefully thought out plans and find their way to one another?


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