A Wild Ghost Chase by Elle Adams

A Wild Ghost Chase

A Wild Ghost Chase by Elle Adams (A Reaper Witch Mystery Book 1)
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 2.6 MB

Maura left her paranormal life behind years ago. Her ghost-hunting gift has given her nothing but trouble, and she’s decided she’s better off living outside of the magical world with her trusty sidekick, Mart.
But after she gets fired from her job at the morgue — turns out the living don’t generally appreciate it when the dead try to micromanage their own funerals — she receives a message from a teen blogger in need of her assistance in getting rid of a troublesome spirit. Broke enough to give ghost-hunting one last shot, she decides to take on the case.
The slight problem? Hawkwood Hollow contains more ghosts than living people, and they know something isn’t quite right about their visitor. Determined to leave as soon as the ghost is dealt with, Maura lands herself in hot water when she clashes with a local paranormal detective and finds herself suspecting the trouble-making spirit was murdered.
Maura’s not one to give up without a fight, but it’ll take all her skills to outwit the detective and send the ghost packing — preferably without anyone realising the source of her unique skills.
She’ll show them a ghost-hunting witch like her might be just what Hawkwood Hollow needs.

Sharing a house was out of the question with my ghostly companion, but my job history did not make me an impressive prospect for most landlords. Add in the issues Mart had caused for my previous neighbours and it was a wonder I’d found someone willing to rent to me at all. I was pretty sure the only reason I’d been offered this apartment was because the previous resident had been a criminal who’d taken off without paying any bills, and even a live-in ghost was less unappealing to the landlord. Marginally.

“A bit?” he said. “The dripping tap keeps me awake and I don’t even need to sleep.”

“You just like complaining.” I closed my inbox. “Nothing worth getting up for in here.”

“Then what’s that notification?” He waved a ghostly hand at the screen, where an icon had popped up in the corner.

“An old email address,” I said. “I didn’t apply for any jobs using that one, so it’ll be junk.”

To placate Mart, I opened my old inbox and came across an email sitting in the junk folder, addressed to ‘Reaper Witch’.


You don’t know me, but I need to hire someone to get rid of a ghost and I’m told you’re the best. I’d really appreciate it if you came to help me out.

Thank you,

Carey Forbes.

PS – I can pay.

At the bottom, she’d put her address as somewhere in a town called Hawkwood Hollow. I’d never been there before, which was one point in its favour. Most magical places I’d l lived in wouldn’t have invited me back even if I’d promised them a free exorcism. My ghostly sidekick was only one of the problems I brought with me wherever I went.

“Do it,” Mart said. “It’s easy money. You can banish a ghost with both hands tied behind your back.”

I drummed my fingers on the desk. “This Hawkwood Hollow… have you heard of it?”

“Nope,” he said. “If we finally found a magical town you haven’t alienated, you should head there right away.”

I gave him a scowl. “It’s not me who usually does the alienating. Not on purpose, anyway.”

Mart was right, though. I needed money, fast, and the odds of finding a new position before my next rent bill was due were low. And while I’d hung up my metaphorical scythe years ago, the fact remained that the best way to make a bit of quick cash was for me to make use of my one dependable skill. This wouldn’t be the first time I’d broken my personal rules to take care of a little ghostly problem for someone—which explained why this Carey person knew my old nickname. Reaper Witch.


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