A Witch’s Storm by Raven Steele, Ava Mason


A Witch’s Storm by Raven Steele, Ava Mason : A Gritty Urban Fantasy Novel (Rouen Chronicles Book 11)
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 3.1 MB

Born at the stroke of midnight, Raven Steele grew up in a home that bordered a graveyard as old as time. Ghosts became her only friends and whispered tales of a world that existed between night and day. In this place, monsters roamed the lands, magic curled in the wind, and good and evil fought over the hearts and minds of humans.

“It’s time I show them the real me. I don’t think they’re going to like it.”
A witch blessed by the sun and the moon, Lynx lives a double life. She loves her roommates and gladly fights by their side, but behind their backs, her loyalty remains with her mother who has asked her to do the unthinkable.
When Lynx finally confesses her betrayal, Samira and Briar turn away from her, which pushes Lynx further into the dark world of Rouen’s powerful witch families where anything goes. Only Aris, who understands and can relate to making tough decisions, remains by her side.
Desperate to make things right by getting the Abydos back, Lynx decides to face Ivona, the great fae witch, all on her own. But Ivona isn’t who she thinks she is, and Lynx’s worst nightmare comes true. Lives will be lost, and hearts will be broken. If Lynx and her roommates can’t come together as true friends, all will be lost. Not just for them, but for the entire world.

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