Abandoned by Michael Kerr


Abandoned (Joe Logan Book 7) by Michael Kerr
English | 2020 |Thriller| ePUB | 4.3 MB

Michael Kerr is the pseudonym of Mike Smail the author of several crime thrillers and two children’s novels. He lives and writes in the Yorkshire Wolds, and has won, been runner-up, and short listed on numerous occasions for short story competitions with Writing Magazine and Writers’ News.
After a career of more than twenty years in the Prison Service, Mike now uses his experience in that area to write original, hard-hitting crime novels

After robbing a bank in Phoenix, Arizona, during which a security guard and the assistant manager are gunned down, the perpetrators head out of the city to a cabin off the beaten track, planning to lay low and share out the proceeds of several heists. A rockfall takes out the SUV that the robbers are driving, and three of them survive it, including Will Parker, the teenage stepson of the leader, Jack Mitchell. Having had no idea that Jack and the others were criminals, Will runs away from the scene of the accident when he sees the masks, weapons and money in the trunk. Joe Logan rounds a bend on a narrow mountain road, sees what has happened and stops to offer assistance, only to be shot at and slightly wounded. Diving over the cliff edge at the side of the road, he hides until he hears his Chevy Tahoe being driven away. Subsequently, and now in the company of the teenager, who knows the location of the cabin, Logan and Will they set off on foot across country.
Logan never turns the other cheek. He believes in an eye for an eye, and fully intends to, at very least, reclaim the vehicle and his backpack, that is in it.


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