Accursed Space by J.J. Green

Accursed Space

Accursed Space by J.J. Green A Dark Space Fantasy Book 5)
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 672 KB

J.J. Green was born in London’s East End within the sound of the church bells of St. Mary Le Bow, Cheapside, which makes her a bona fide Cockney. She first left the U.K. as a young adult and has lived in Australia and Laos. She currently lives in Taipei, Taiwan, where she entertains the locals with her efforts to learn Mandarin. Writers she admires include Philip K. Dick, Ursula Le Guin, Douglas Adams, Connie Willis and Ann Leckie.

Within the galactic badlands, an ancient terror awaits
Our dark heroine, Carina Lin, continues on her quest to reach Earth and a safe haven for mages, but in order to get there she must cross a vast region of galactic space.
The colony ship, Bathsheba, may help her achieve her goals. She and her merc buddies must seize the ship and then navigate the unknown dangers of deep space.
Will she succeed or will her empire of dreams come crashing down?

Carina Lin was hanging upside down by her knees in the Duchess’s gym when she received a message via her ear comm that the scanners had picked up Lomang’s inter-sector vessel.

She pulled herself up to grab the bar, crunching her aching gut one more time. After unhooking her legs she jumped down to the mat and then walked toward the exit, grabbing a towel to wipe the sweat from her neck.

“Where are you going?” Atoi asked, hanging from the same bar. “Wimping out already? I thought you wanted to get into shape?”

“After two months with you as my workout partner,” Carina replied, “I think I’m pretty much in shape. We can’t all be stronger than half the men aboard, you know.”

“Yeah, whatever,” Atoi said before muttering, “Lightweight.”

Carina smiled and stepped through the opening gym doorway. Then she turned back to her friend and called out, “You’d better make the most of your session. You’re gonna be on duty for the next few cycles.”

Atoi’s eyes widened in her flushed, puffy, upside-down face.

“We found the smuggler’s ship?” She gave a whoop, reached up to grab the bar and then kicked off from it, somersaulting onto the mat. “Earth, here we come!”

Carina strode quickly toward the mission room, where Cadwallader was waiting, though her excitement was giving way to tension. Meeting with the lieutenant colonel was something she’d been avoiding when she could ever since the ‘incident’ involving Sable Dirksen. But now the Black Dogs and she had the opportunity to take over the Lomang’s ship, she would need to work closely with Cadwallader to coordinate the merc and mage attack.

When she entered the mission room, Cadwallader was seated at the holo screen. He didn’t deign to look at her, let alone greet her.

The Duchess’s computer was building a translucent hologram of the inter-sector ship from the arriving scanner data. The image increased in detail by the second, refining the ship’s lines and bringing the equipment on the hull into relief.

Two can play at that game, Carina thought, strolling over to the holo screen. She studied the interface display to discover the ship’s dimensions. What she saw caused her to draw in a breath. She’d heard the starships that traveled the unimaginable distances across and between galactic sectors were big, but she hadn’t realized just how big.

Lomang’s ship was even larger than Nightfall, the Sherrerr’s former flagship. According to the display, it measured 2889 meters in diameter at its widest point and its longest dimension was 3523 meters. Carina had heard that colony ships were massive, and she guessed that was its original purpose.

No thought had been put into making the ship pleasing to the eye. It was a mess of bumps and lumps, a bulky, hulking mass of dull metal resting motionless in the void.

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