Acme by Dennis Vanderkerken, Dakota Krout


Acme: A Divine Dungeon Series (Artorian’s Archives Book 5)by Dennis Vanderkerken
English | 2020 | Fantasy| ePUB | 3.1 MB

Hello! I’m Dennis, but feel free to call me Floof! (Culprit of nickname: The ever-unmanageable fluff on my head.) I’m from Belgium, but have lived in the USA since 2001. English is my fourth language, and that makes things very interesting when I am putting words together into books.

A whole new world. Well, the framework. Surely nothing will go wrong.
Artorian shrugged off moonfall and war like it was a gentle rain, and must now face new trials. Specifically: life in the world created by the Dungeon Core, Cal. Unfortunately, Cal has only put together the most bare-bones of systems.
He’s no stranger to solving near impossible problems; how difficult could it be to smooth out the slew of angry Mages with bitter rivalries, uncountable hidden secrets, a complete inability to cultivate, and a Dungeon creating messes at full speed? One way or another, it is up to Artorian to pick up the pieces. He’s ready to roll up his sleeves and administrate.
There are some very serious holes in this world, and the old academic is determined to fix them.

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