Act of Deliverance by Audrey Walker

Act of Deliverance

Act of Deliverance by Audrey Walker (Mark Fropp #3)
English | 2021| Mystery Thriller | ePUB | 6.5 MB

CIA Agents, Assassinations, Political Power Plays… All Ingredients for a Page-Turning Thriller That Will Leave You Yearning for More

Mark rescued Anne from the hands of Zachary and her heartless father. Now the plan is to rescue her mother so that she can be truly free. Will she be able to sneak her mother from beneath Jacob’s nose?

While preparing for the mission, she gets closer to Mark Fropp, Is he really just helping her for the information he can get on Zachary or is there something more?

Jacob is preparing for the presidential election but the public of Washington now hate Zachary’s guts. Now they know he is Jacob’s supporter, will he really be able to win, even the primaries?

Zachary was scheduled for a surgery to get his cancerous kidney removed but something went wrong during the surgery. Would he survive it?

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