Addictive and Sumptuous Frosting Ideas by Keanu Wood

Addictive and Sumptuous Frosting Ideas: Fluffy Cake Frosting Ideas for a Beginner! by Keanu Wood
English | 2021 |Food & Drink| ePUB | 6 MB

There are two reasons why I love frosted cakes.
Baking bare cakes just seem like half of the job. And why do a half job when you can carry out a complete job? The complete job is when you have wrapped your cakes in a beautiful covering of bright looking and sweet frosting!!
Frosting is the real deal for cake lovers. The cake is important quite alright, but you see the frosting, yes, that’s a star of my cake show!

For me, frosting is the beautiful wrapper that attracts me to the package inside – the cake. And if the frosting is not inviting enough, the possibility of the cake ending in my trash is high.

And this is why I took out time to research different frosting methods that I can frost my cakes with.

The reason I took this step is that my motto in cooking is “if you want something prepared to your taste, learn to prepare it yourself!’’

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