After The Bombs Fell by Elyzabeth Johanna

After The Bombs

After The Bombs Fell by Elyzabeth Johanna
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 323 Kb

After The Bombs : Decades after the fires of the nuclear bombs dropped have stopped burning, a new society has formed. Living between the concrete blocks and smoking factories, Ve Klein tries to make a life for herself in the Nation that formed from the ashes.

Orphaned since she was a little girl and never having been assigned a husband by the Nation, Ve struggles to not only find her place in the world, but to survive among the separate communities and ranks of the Nation. Food is scarce and traitors are handled with an iron fist.

Ve counts her blessings since she has a job and a roof over her head . As the days pass by through a horrible nuclear winter, Ve’s future changes drastically when somebody close to her comes to an unexcepted decision. She is forced to choose between the only people she has ever called family before or a new, prosperous life within the Nation.

“Damn right it probably is.’’ My dad mumbled under his breath.

Our car pulled up near the small airport. Dad didn’t even bother parking in a marked stall as we scrambled out of the car. We were not the only ones arriving, but we were some of the few allowed through the gates when they saw my dad. The security guards struggled shutting the gates behind them, waves of people pushing against them.  

‘’It is not fair-‘’ I wanted to say, feeling bad for all the those that were being pushed back by the airport staff. We were not the only ones being allowed through, I noticed some other business men and CEOs that had been at our home before, my dad probably knowing all of them.  

‘’Shut up, Tina.’’ My dad told me as he waved at the pilot standing next to a smaller aircraft. Making our way there, Ron shrugged at us. 

‘’Iceland closed it’s airspace.’’ The pilot sighed. ‘’Looks like we’re stuck here. You are mental anyway if you think we can fly around that mushroom at the border. You see the footage of that thing? It’s absolutely massive!’’ 

‘’Okay, so fly to North America.’’ My dad told him, ready to pull his wallet from his pocket.”

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