After the World Ends by Jamie Thornton

After the World Ends

After the World Ends (After the World Ends Book 1) by Jamie Thornton
English | 2021| Fantasy| ePUB | 7.3 MB

Dessa has plans.

She plans to stay out of trouble in the group home where she lives. She plans to work crazy hours at the grocery story to save for her own place. She plans to get her little brother back, soon, from his foster parents.

But when a zombie apocalypse arrives, it wrecks all of Dessa’s plans. With the city falling into chaos, Dessa must use her street smarts to survive. Her only weapon against the zombies is a pillowcase of tuna cans. Her only allies are the other group home teens she doesn’t dare trust.

And there’s only one plan left in the entire universe that matters.

Find and save her brother before it’s too late.

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