Agent Assassin by Ethan Jones

Agent Assassin

Agent Assassin by Ethan Jones (Max Thorne Spy Thriller 3)
English |2019| Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 4.4 MB

Can an assassin have a conscience? While hunting for the truth about his past, former Russian FSB agent Max Thorne has lost any sense of innocence or hope. But striving for redemption, he joins the Special Operations Team, an elite international assassins team so secret even top level FSB brass doesn’t know it exists and so deadly that few leave alive. Reeling from inexcusable mistakes and now working with even darker forces, Max is confronted with insidious choices and inescapable scenarios. With no way out, will Max be able to suppress his conscience to execute his harrowing assignments? Or, will he fail, putting his family in peril and betraying his own? Join Max as he faces the darkness that is the secret service the only way he knows how … head on.

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