Agent Emma Stone by Susie McIver

Agent Emma Stone

Agent Emma Stone by Susie McIver (Female Special Agent: FBI #3)
English | 2020 | Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 3.2 MB

FBI Agent Emma Stone walked a long, hard road to get to where she is today. Placed in foster care after the brutal killing of her mother at the hands of her father, she’s dedicated her life to helping others and keep criminals off the streets.

When she receives a letter from her imprisoned estranged father asking her to take care of a little brother she never knew existed, Emma is forced to not only accept his existence and reconcile her feelings about the irreparable harm her father has done to her life and her psyche. She must find her little brother before he gets lost in the system.

One-time, FBI Agent Liam Price cares about truth, justice, and Emma, more than anything in the world. He follows Emma to a town where she’s hunting down a local drug dealer who’s an official in this small-town community. Can he find her before the drug dealers realize who she is?

Liam had a silly grin on his face as he looked at the beautiful Emma Stone, with her blond hair hanging down her back. He knew she didn’t want him going, but for a different reason. He and Emma had strong chemistry–the air sizzled when they were in the same room together. They met right before Sage and Wyatt married. Liam knew if he ever made love with Emma, no other woman would ever work for him. He knew when his hand touched hers, she felt the same thing he did. He knew it could never work for them; they were complete opposites.

“Emma, first of all, I was an FBI Agent, then I became a pastor. I can assure you that you won’t have to watch over me. I can take care of myself and anyone else who is with me.”

Emma turned and looked at Wyatt, telling him with her eyes and mouth to say something, then she turned back to Liam. “What will you do when we kill someone?” she asked, looking him square in the eyes. He’s just so damn good looking for a pastor; it’s not fair. “Are you going to turn your head, or are you going to try to stop us?” She had to keep him from going. He made her feel things she didn’t want to feel around him. For crying out loud, he is a pastor. She couldn’t have casual sex with him, and she knew nothing with Liam would ever be casual. Can you even have wild passionate sex with a man of the cloth?

“I doubt you’ll have to kill anyone. I’m sure you will handle everything the way the Academy taught you.”

“Are you frigging serious? Every one of those bastards deserves to die. Here read this,” Emma said as she took the letter out of Sage’s hand and handed it to Liam.

“Okay, I know they are all horrible sick people. When do we leave?”

“Are you going to cringe every time I say a swear word? Because I’m going to tell you right now, I cuss, and I will not stop just because you’re with me.”

“Emma, aren’t you forgetting something?” Wyatt inquired, looking at her.

“No, I don’t think so.”

“You work for me now. You are no longer a homicide detective. You have to ask me if you can take time off from work.”

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