Agents Of Chaos by TR Cameron

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Agents Of Chaos

Agents Of Chaos by TR Cameron : An Urban Fantasy Action Adventure (Federal Agents of Magic Book 4)
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 434 Kb

Agents Of Chaos : Special Agent Diana Sheen has been targeted…by magical villains determined to bring her and her agency down.

The bad guys have something big planned, and like a storm over the horizon, she can feel it coming but doesn’t know how bad it will turn out to be. The answer? Really, really bad. Diana and her team will need to be at the top of their game to survive. The troll that’s adopted her patrols in the night, searching for the cosplaying criminal who has evaded them.

The team’s undercover agent gets in deeper with their opposition. Inevitably, he faces a moment of truth where he faces off against the good guys. Oh, and Kayleigh wants to mount an AI-controlled rocket launcher on the roof of the house she shares with Diana and Rath, which Diana thinks is the mother of all bad ideas.

The heat is rising, but Diana won’t abandon her responsibilities. No way, no how. Which means there’s no way out but through.

Magic or mundane, you hurt people in their city, and BAM is gonna bring you down. It’s all in a day’s work at the newest bureau of the Federal Agents of Magic.

“He clambered over the side and disengaged the device, pressed the button to snap it closed, and slotted it back into place. He loved the toys, but most of all, he loved being out and about in the city he had chosen as his own. It felt like home now, and he had a responsibility to protect those who lived in it as best he could. That was why he was out this evening like he often was. During the daytime hours, he traveled with Max, who also had a few new toys of his own. Rath didn’t engage in too many night patrols, maybe a couple each week, but tonight was different.

On a reconnaissance day, he’d overheard Professor Charlotte Stanley mention something that had stuck with him. She was part of a group—they called themselves a vigilante team but laughed uproariously when they did so—that did good in the city and told another member she’d noticed an increased number of questionable people around certain liquor stores in the downtown area. Rath had been waiting for something like that, so he suited up and took to the rooftops. Below, the man he’d followed from the first alcohol store continued to amble along the street and acted as if he was purely an innocent pedestrian. However, the way he flinched and tapped his phone when any police presence was detected nearby suggested he was out for more than simply an evening stroll.”


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