Algorithm by Dennis Vanderkerken, Dakota Krout


Algorithm (Artorian’s Archives #7) by Dennis Vanderkerken, Dakota Krout
English | 2021|Fantasy|ePUB| 7 MB

Hello! I’m Dennis, but feel free to call me Floof! (Culprit of nickname: The ever-unmanageable fluff on my head.) I’m from Belgium, but have lived in the USA since 2001. English is my fourth language, and that makes things very interesting when I am putting words together into books.

Only one man can cheat to create change in the dungeon of Order. Old evils lurk within. Love will smite them.
Artorian gave up his administrator privileges only to be thrust into a new role. The Law he is bound to allows him to slip past Eternium’s ironclad rules and break things once thought immutable. For his family, for all of their futures, he must boldly go where few in Cal like to venture: the game world of Eternia.
Most of the people that have come to test this world hate being here: dying in days and returning home in disarray. Artorian agrees with them: a body based entirely on hard numbers and increasingly potent limiters is a stark difference from the intent-based Essence user he has always been. Eternia is no final product, riddled with more holes than a wheel of dire cheese. This wireframe of a world is seemingly held together with glue, tape, and moody pylons. He vows to dig into the construction, finding and fixing where it went wrong.
Yet, why meander through scaffolding when one can parkour through the rafters? It’s speedrun time!

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